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Juliste, poster, fontti, fonts


Font poster

The designing and naming of my own font (small letters), including a poster design.

The Sakura-font is a mixed style title font inspired by Japanese calligraphy.

School project.

Packaging design

Vegan ice creams

The brand- and package design of six new flavours for a new vegan ice cream brand, including logo- and label design.

School project.

Juliste, poster

Information design

Travel poster

School project.

A3, 297 x420 mm

Social media advertising

Pro Ratas

Social media advertisement planning for Pro Ratas Ltd.


Pro Ratas

Banner designing for Pro Ratas Ltd.



Tiedonjyviä kanoista

Chicken booklet's layout and graphic design for Fatalii Media.

A6, 105 x 148 mm

Pikkusiili etsii kotia.jpg


Pikkusiili etsii kotia

Spread layout and illustration to a fairytale "Little hedgehog searching a home" from Riitta Juvonen.

School project.

Chili juliste, chili poster


Sopivasti sykettä

Poster to the topic "Sopivasti sykettä"

("Pulsing just the right way").

First school project.

A3, 297 x 420 mm

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